Saturday 22 February 2020

Everything New Made Old Again

When everything new is made old again, do you miss everything you had or do you lament the things you now have. It's hard to know the outcome either way around when you don't have anything to start with.

Love, live, laugh. I've heard this said many a time, but I do wonder what it must mean. I have none of these, I just have me and I don't like me very much.

Time isn't running out nearly as quickly as I would like.

Perhaps the world is doomed, we just don't know what doomed it.

It's funny how silly little things tend to have the largest impact, but, perhaps it isn't all that funny.

Madness is just a self made drug that you can't break the habit of using.

Lots and lots of lines..

..and where they'll stop


For everything else, there's..